Jonah makes: Evil Mad Scientist Flickery Flame Soldering Kit

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Evil Mad ScientistFlickery Flame Soldering Kit  $6.50

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Let give a big welcome to our new guest on this website, Jonah! (Insert crowd noise here). Just like Marwa I also know Jonah from school. I met him in Manhattan Youth after school and found out that we both play Minecraft. Jonah is also an expert at parkour. He goes to Brooklyn Zoo NY. We’ve been in school together since September, 2016. Meeting Jonah and my other new friends has been the best part of my new Manhattan home.

Jonah came over to my house recently and i had him solder the Flickering LED kit that Lenore had sent me and the kit worked. Jonah finished it in one sitting, just over one hour. This kit was not just your average maker badge kit. It was more complex and it had multiple settings. Like most evil mad scientist soldering  pads these were amazing quality.

This kit is about the same price as the Velleman candle, but twice the price of ones you can order from ICstation or one of those large source sites. It’s hard to compare because the ones from mail order usually need you to add a power source or a battery box. The other big difference is the documentation and support.  With EMS you get good, readable instructions. If you have a problem you write to Lenore for help… then she helps you.

For on-your-own first-time learning and practice, this kit shines above all others. With EMS you get pads that are hard to scratch off of the PCB board.  Kids like me can be really hard on a board when doing their first few solders, so this is really useful.

Here’s what Jonah had to say :

I enjoyed building and soldering my first kit.  I had never done a project like this before and it was fun because I was constructing something with a friend.  It wasn’t difficult to do – just practicing with the soldering gun.  I enjoyed the focus, using the solder and having a finished product that worked!  This is a very different activity than what I usually do – parkour, reading and playing video games so this exposed me to something new.

I’m the kind of maker who tends to mess up a kit from time to time, and EMS kits are really easy to figure out and fix.  One of the pads came up slightly and all we had to do was push it down and it reconnected. That does not usually happen with other kits. Over all though the project was very fun for Jonah.

One of the cool things of the kit was that you got to pick the order in which the LED’s are arranged, Jonah like that feature a lot. EMS kits have stuff in them kids can arrange and choose, like the height of the LEDs on their Menorah, or their fun bag of replacement “gumdrop” LEDs.

Lenore, thank you again for this kit. It’s fun to share soldering and making with my friends, and this is the second time an EMS kit was the perfect kit. It was a great upgrade for the basic maker badge. Most of my friends are ready to start at a level higher than a makey robot blinker, and this kit is really a perfect first at-home kit for middle school kids. Please say hi to Zener for me and my cat Noodle.

Later that same day Jonah and I made another Evil Mad Scientist Deluxe Menorah together too just like with Marwa, which he took home, but that will be another post entirely.

Jonah’s practice solder – he’s done this before ( he DID wear goggles most of the time)

We were worried when one light didn’t light up

Seconds later we had all six lights working. 


P.S. – We have another new guest joining the blog team next week too!!


FULL DISCLOSURE : The item reviewed in this article was a gift given to me by Lenore Edelman of Evil Mad Scientist and also possibly her cat Zener Diode. This review was not given in consideration of any review or compensation whatsoever. I am reviewing this of my own choice and accord. The gift of the item from Lenore will not change or influence in any way my opinion or review of this item…   






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