IC Station Dgf-01 Sound-Control Level Led Indicator Suite Review

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Ic Station / Ic Station Dgf-01 Sound-Control Level Led Indicator – $1.80 

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Thank you IC Station for sending me this kit to review, I am very honored that you choose me to be a part of your reviews program, and i will be fair and impartial in my reviews of your products. Also, Happy New Year. It’s the year of the Rooster and many of my friends at school are also celebrating.

I have always liked sound to light meter kits since the first one i made. My very second kit was the Vellman vu meter. I unfortunately did not succeed in making the vu meter to work, but it fought me a very valuable lesson, failing is not the end. Ever since then sound to light meters have had a place in my heart. I think you can tell that though because of the amount of sound to light kits i do.

The IC Station kit had the same quality soldering pads as Vellman, that is not to say that they were bad, it just was not over the top quality as far as soldering pads go. Also they send you hook up wires for the battery. These wires are not the best quality, i suggest you use your own if you have, i used wires from the “Elenco Wire Kit model WK106 solid wires”.

This kit is simple and cool and it feels satisfying when you finish it. I would suggest this product to educators who teach an engineering class. I would suggest this because it is simple, like i said and it has very little instructions so the students will need you for help. 

This kit is more likely to be good for young makers with adults in the room. I think it would really be perfect in an MIT kids lab like the one I took last summer, or a maker faire pavilion for more advanced kids and adults.  It would be a little more involved than the maker-badge soldering booth, but nothing as complicated as the Radio Shack drone booth was.

If you end up breaking this kit than it is a good kit to try the multi meter on. I certainly did. It’s also a great kit for testing your knowledge of resistor bands. Make sure you know how to use a resistor band chart, or at least poke it with a stick and figure it out at : Resistance Calculator

I would give this product a 3.5/5 stars. In the end it is  a pretty satisfying pretty amazing product, other than the lack of much english instructions it is more than suitable for use in classes and in one on one instruction. I may get a few of these to have around when friends show up and want to solder something.



FULL DISCLOSURE : The item reviewed here was given as a gift, in consideration of review to me from IC Station company in Shenzhen, China. My review is not biased toward this consideration and my full attention and critique will be given to this project and its review regardless of any consideration. 


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  1. Thanks for your fair and impartial review although it’s only 3.5/5. 🙁
    But we will try our best to make our products in our website better, clearer and offers better service.
    Welcome to give some suggestion to http://www.icstation.com and we will offer better products, price and service.

    1. Hey ICstation! Look around the site, you’ll find that my very favorite things are all 3.5 — only one or two things ever go above that. It’s my scale, I live in NYC and it’s an exciting world in real life around here, everything is compared well and 3.5 is a top grade! Sometimes I give ratings on other people’s websites that are 5 out of 5 for things that list 3.5 out of 5 here. What’s a 5? My birthday. My very favorite hamburger in the whole world, that I love more than any other place to eat is a 4.5!!!

      I love my ICstation kits so far. Learning to read the diagrams and symbols and use my multi-meter is a whole new world opening up. It’s a great opportunity to review kits for you. Vu meter and sound kits are my favorite kind of kit, too.


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