Review of Velleman MK193: 3D LED Cube 3x3x3

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The LED cube was a fun project and I really enjoyed it, it’s main component boards had two solder contact points for every contact, so if you mess up on one side, you can fix it on the other. The one thing that brought the LED cube down was the fact was that it didn’t give specific instructions on how to bend and solder the LEDs, it just says bend here, or solder the LEDs, not how to. with this kit I feel like I crossed the line between beginner and intermediate.

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I think the reason I didn’t give up on the LED cube project was what I learned this summer at Explo. It reminded me of the Explo spirit because  in Explo you are taught that failing is not bad, it is just a chance to try again. It also reminded me of Explo because in Explo when you complete something, your not done with your work, and you keep on improving your work until you decide for yourself that you’re done. Since I like the LED cube, I think I might do the next step up from the 3x3x3 LED cube, I’m going to do the 8x8x8 LED cube, I don’t expect it to be easy, but I expect it to be fun.

I would give this project a total of 3.5 stars because there was nothing that wrong with it, but it wasn’t outstanding. the only bad thing about it was the fact that the LED documentation could have recommended some methods, they were very thoughtful. They made the PCB boards and contact out of durable material because they new some people would mess up, also they provided you with extra LEDs because Soldering the LEDs would be hard.

Me bending, and then soldering LEDs together for the third time — using a METHOD!




The Finished Cubes :



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