3-D Smartphone Viewers Compared

Posted by - December 28, 2016
Recently I opened and tested VR goggles. I was playing with this tech over a year ago but it is suddenly getting popular and there are a lot more games now, so I wanted to give it another try. I tried out all three of the ones I see everywhere this year, the cardboard ones, the foam ones, and the hard shell plastic kind. They are all called "google cardboard" so that is one confusing thing, but getting the right one can be easy. My favorites are the Velleman VR Box and the Foam EVA. The free ones are cool to see it work but move on and get a better one quickly.
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Help Choosing the right 3-d Printer

Posted by - December 5, 2016

Velleman Store : We’re trying to figure out if your kits are the right fit for my new maker space. I have some questions about the products in order to decide which one to get! For either printer : Can either of these be extended to an 8″ x...
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Velleman MK165 Crawling Microbug RAFFLE-GIVEAWAY!!

Posted by - November 27, 2016
I am raffling off one of my very favorite Velleman robotics mini-kits -- the Velleman MK165 Covered Microbug! Enter by following my twitter feed @NotABombBunkE and earn extra entries by tweeting about the raffle and leaving a nice comment on my blog review of the Velleman MK165 Enclosed Microbug. Enter Before December 04. 2016.
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Velleman Covered Crawling Microbug

Posted by - November 26, 2016
I have done [the first version of this] project many times since then, and by many I mean 3. Some design flaws were fixed, some remain the same. The shell has its advantages and its disadvantages. In all, this is a good early project for "intermediate" Makers. The sense of accomplishment from finishing this one is higher than most because you really get to play with it. (read more...)
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A Soldering Iron Guide for Kids

Posted by - November 9, 2016
Every kid should try out soldering. Get a maker badge or a simple learn to solder kit. If you do, start small and don't spend too much on the first project. My first little soldering iron was almost completely destroyed by the time I learned how to clean and tin and take care of it. Knowing which iron to get and which iron to use seems like it might be confusing, but it's not so tough. If you know a kid who is already a maker, who is still using their first iron from a kit? Upgrade them sooner rather than later.
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Velleman Digitally Controlled Soldering Iron Unboxing

Posted by - November 5, 2016
I have recently recived a package from The Velleman Store. this package had a digitally controlled VTSSC40NU soldering iron. I wish I had switched to the more advanced [technology] earlier. If you are looking for a holiday gift for a builder with even a little bit of experience, this is the perfect holiday unboxing.
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Maker Faire 2016

Posted by - October 16, 2016
Recently I attended this year's 2016 Maker Faire here in New York City, and it was really cool. It was also really big. I expected maybe a row of tents with big companies like radio shack, Vellman, Pi, Evil Mad Scientist, and others., and yes they were there, but there were also many smaller companies, news ones, cool and unheard of ones. It made the faire really really big. I had some interesting conversations at all the booths and I had a Maker Faire photographer follow me the entire time. I met a kid who made his own robot and had it wandering around. I made new friends, and new projects. In all I Loved maker faire 2016 and I hope I get invited to go to maker fair next year. You learn so much from maker faire. It is really like comicon, but for makers like me.
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My Review of the Radio Shack DIY Drone Starter Kit

Posted by - October 4, 2016

NOT YET ON SALE * The drone in this review was provided free of charge by Radio Shack on a first-come-first serve basis to all attendees of the 2016 World Maker Faire in New York City. No extra consideration was given to reviewer for the purpose of...
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Diana’s EatWith Supper Club

Posted by - October 3, 2016

Recently Diana, the manager-owner at one of the BareBurger locations has invited me to a dinner club. Her EatWith profile is here : https://www.eatwith.com/@littlecheflittlekitchen/ * DISCLAIMER : MY MEAL WAS PROVIDED IN CONSIDERATION FOR THIS...
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Diana Manalang has invited us to a Supper Club!

Posted by - September 9, 2016

Diana Manalang, a manager and owner of BareBurger LaGuardia Place in NYC has invited us to try her “EatWith” supper club. Click Here to see her menu. Click Here to see our review of BareBurger. See how it went — Click Here! ...
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