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Super Simple Google AIY Surveillance Camera

In may 2018, durning the bay area Maker Faire in San Francisco, I bought a google AIY Vision Kit. A few weeks later during my 4th week of living in the San Francisco area I decided to put together my google AIY vision kit and mess around with it for a...
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SMS on your Raspberry Pi… Adapted from : This assumes you have set up your sim card, wired your modem correctly to your Pi, and are using a terminal program such as minicom. You may need...
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python to send a SMS message

ser.write('AT+CMGF=1\r\n') ser.write('AT+CMGS=') ser.write("555-555-5555") ser.write('\r\n') ser.write("This is a text message") ser.write(ascii.ctrl('z')) ser.close() ...
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