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Make Them Blink

You will need: 4 complete sets of LED’s and wires (see last lesson) The first thing you will need to is connect your negative sides of the wire to any ground cable that is not taken, like 14, 9, 20, or 25. The next thing you will need to do is to...
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LED Blinking

You will need the following things: Raspberry pi configured (see previos lessons) 5 Volt LED bulb(s) 2 jumper wires m/f 1 wire cutter with wire striper. (often found on long pliers)   First you will need to  open terminal.What you need to type...
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Keyboard Video Mouse Power and Chip

This has all the parts my Mac has USB,ethernet, and HDMI video, and a memory chip slot all i need. First I put my N.O.O.B.S. chip it the sot underneath the raspberry pi. All I really need is a mouse, keyboard, and a screen or T.V. Oh also a power...
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