Building an Altoids Retro-Game Box

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Meet The Altoids Builds (Click here to get started)

Meet The Altoids Builds (Click here to get started)
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Almost twins. The only differences are the location of the power button and battery status indicators, and a few wiring changes. These are cobbled together photos of two builds. Expect timeline errors. Don't try to understand time travel, you'll hurt yourself.


You can build your boot chip from retropie’s website and instructions :


USB Header Pin Diagram:


Raspberry Pi zero bottom pads




40-Pin Raspberry Pi GPIO



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    Why use a batery? Use some capacitors and an ac adaptor instead of a charger? Its not a psp. It needs a full sized HDMI head so… only full monitors? which assumes that everywhere you go there will be an outlet receptacle of some kind.

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    I got to use this retro game system and found it to be outstanding. It has so many games that I know I will never be bored. My favorite game is Legends of Zelda: A Link into the past. The system includes Sega games and Nintendo games. The best part is that it can stay on for 6 hours, but charges for only 4 hours. I am surprised for how long it can stay on. I give it 1,000,000,000,000,000 blue ribbons. GREAT JOB ELIJAH!!! I cannot wait to see your next projects!

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      Thank you for the complements Daniel T. and Nicolas T. How is the box holing up since i gave it to you have you found any corrupted games or any new favorits, are you intresited in a possible upgrade maybe i could get it to play marathon or quake, online so we can play with online together.

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      thank you i hope your project with your son goes well, its been a couple weeks hows the project going you can post as a reply or maybe i can do an article about your build.


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