Hi i’m Elijah and i’m a kid and i love engineering.

One of my projects I am working on now is my “Explo 6 flight computer”.

We are going to send a raspberry pi computer into space with as many people as we can get, most recently we have received a a satellite module from GlobalStar Satellite, and ABC collision here in Brooklyn is helping me build the space craft.

I am finished with much more than is documented on the website, but i’m catching up with documentation quickly.

I have had to add some pictures as I go to fill in some instructions.

I also do side projects you can check them out.

If you are interested please follow along with my instructions — feel free to let me know if you need help.


D.I.N.G.  :   Digital and Information Native Generation

The last “Millennials” were born early in the 2000s, they knew a world before internet media was dominant.

There are now those of us who never knew a world without smart devices everywhere.

We are the Digital and Internet Native Generation.