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1624 Q St NW, Washington, DC 20009 • (202) 462-4265 • http://wwww.hanksoysterbar.com

Has anyone noticed that every good restaurant in Washington D.C. calls itself a bar??

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We Ate :

  • A Dozen Oysters (Dad and Grandpa ate them, I’m not into raw oysters)
  • Mussels and Bacon
  • Lobster Bisque (I Missed it, Grandpa snarfed it down)
  • Lobster Deviled Eggs
  • Popcorn Shrimp & Calamari
  • Seafood Ceviche with Lime & Jalapeño
  • Crab Cake
  • Lobster Roll
  • The simplest, best desert you can serve : small chunks of dark chocolate!!!!

Hanks in all was a very good bar, or restaurant, whatever you want to call it. The people who worked there were nice, every restaurant in Washington seems to be nice. The people at the bar were playful and there were  not many kids. When i sat down the first thing i noticed was the gold fish on the table. I think the goldfish was there to make the adults feel like kids again. another thing i noticed about the place was that it seemed pretty established, it wasn’t an experiment like many of the restaurants in Washington.

The first appetizer that came out was the ceviche, It was slathered in lime, vinegar, salt, and Jalapeño. it was very sour and salty, it was also a little chewy. The second appetizer was my grandpa’s lobster bisque, i missed it next was my dads oysters i missed that one too, but I finished off the horseradish from the oysters, it is fresh!!

My dad had a lobster roll for his course, he says it was well constructed, but had too much mayo. Next was my main course, it was popcorn shrimp with pop corn calamari, i will admit i have never seen popcorn calamari before it was unexpectedly different from the popcorn shrimp it was less crispy less savory and more salty. I found that it’s natural seasoning was “Old Bay.”

The Next main course was the crab cakes I was skeptical about eating them because i normally don’t like crab cakes, but my parents said they were delicious and better than the standard crab cake not too salty and just spicy enough. The last appetizer was the muscles  i didn’t eat the mussels themselves, but i ate lots of the broth. At first I was just going to try the broth, but i ended up eating all the bread that came with it just soaking it up one after the next after the next. It was very buttery it had a taste like fresh herbs it had mussel flavor, but not too much of it.

Tara was our waitress and she was very nice and at the end of my meal she offered my family some 60% dark chocolate and we tried it. She had said it had grown next to a raspberry bush and could have a hint of raspberry . It was recently made and it was better than any store-bar chocolate I had ever had, and compared well with many other fresh chocolates. I am not to sure that the cocoa growing next a raspberry bush is a true story, but it’s a good one.

I would give Hanks 2.5 – which means that nothing at all was wrong with it. also I was craving burgers that night, but when I walked into Hank’s, suddenly I was craving seafood.


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  1. Hi Elijah, thank you so much for the review. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I named the restaurant after my father Hank because he loved to cook and eat seafood and shared that with me as a young adult. It’s nice to see your parents are taking you out to dinner and experiencing good food. Take care, Jamie Leeds owner Hank’s Oyster bar.

    1. Thank you even when i was young i would not eat off the kids menu. Thank you for reading my review and i really think Hanks is an impressive place with great food and let me know if you open a place in New York


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