In my first year of Explo a lot of new ideas were introduced to me. some of the ideas were living for a long time without my family, having a room mate and many more. I liked the fact that almost all of the people did not know me, so i got a clean slate. another thing a also liked about being at Explo was the fact that there were a lot of new things to try, new activities, lots of new things. Me and many of my friends got home sick within the first week and Explo helped us with our homesickness. Even though we got home sick, every one had fun classes.

For my classes I chose lego robotics, and building a medieval empire. In lego robotics, you get to build a robot with lego parts and then program it to do what you want, usually people would program them to ram into each other. In Mediaeval castle building you design your own village and then defend against other villages, every week you can unlock a new part of the map.

You also get work-shops, they are like classes, but they are on  a Wednesdays and they are normally more physical than normal classes. My work shops were, swimming and model rocketry and they were really fun. In Swimming they teach beginners swimming, the basic strokes. In Model rocketry you create model rockets, first a bottle rocket, then another bottle rocket this time on a skate board using cola and candy, and the third being a sulfur and electricity rocket. All my classes were fun,

In the first year, we got to go to the Canobie Lake, the water park, a Boston Paw-Sox baseball game, The Boston Aquarium, and a few other fun places.

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This is the explo maker focus group

In my second year at explo I was more familiar with the campus, but i was doing something new I was going to do a focus for my first time, focus is like a class, but you focus on it all periods of the day I was doing maker focus. I had read the website of the maker focus and i was convinced that I wanted to go. I read that there would be fun challenges and a explo Maker Faire at the end where you get to show off the stuff you have learned through out the time you were there. For my second session this year I did the 360 program.

I took different classes than last year, the classes i took were DIY and photography. In DIY you do fun experiments, it is like explo maker, but more controlled, and in Photagraghy you can take photos and then play around with them in photo shop, at the end you can choose pictures you want to be on display at a special night.

My workshops for the second year was canoeing and kayaking, and street lough. In kayaking and canoeing, it is pretty self explanatory, you kayaking and canoe, but it is the only workshop that  goes off campus, the reason being that they go out to a pond to kayak there on the second and third day. I also took street luge. If you don’t know is kind of like a sport where it is a big skate board thing that you lie down on and ride down a hill.

My second year trips, I got to go to the Canobie Lake and Water Park again, twice, and I also got to go to MIT and Harvard museums, I drove the Duck Boat, I saw the Blue Man Group, an MIT Soldering trip just for makers, and many others.

It was good to see some of the same people from my first year, but I also made a lot of new friends. I really miss some of my friends from the first year who did not return.

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I'm back at Explo


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