“The Pig” in Washington DC

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Today my mom took us to a restaurant in Washington DC called “The Pig”

1320 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005 • (202) 290-2821 • www.thepigdc.com

We ordered :

  • Crispy pigs face
    • Had pig face meat, hot pepper oil, rice, garlic, onion and fresh cherry tomato.
  • Macaroni and cheese
    • Fresh cheese, a creamy sauce, and crispy crust.
  • Organic pork-beef burger
    • Fries, bacon, lettuce tomato, burger sauce (mayo?)
  • Pork tacos
    • Guacamole, queso fresco, taco sauce, pork, shredded lettuce
  • Cauliflower
    • Fried and breaded
  • Cucumber and tomatos
    • served in light vinaigrette

When I walked in, l was reminded of one of my favorite places to eat in Manhattan, BareBurger. Turns out, that like BareBurger’s it was a fresh “Farm to Table” restaurant. That means all the food served is fresh and from local farms.

We were seated very quickly, and the staff was very polite. The place was very clean and the atmosphere was happy and friendly. We asked for recommendations, and our server Angela made good suggestions.

The Crispy Pig Face was spicy, because my mom put “spicy oil” on it. I only had a few bites, but I would still recommend it. Dad had the mac and cheese, and also an order of pork tacos. I had an order of pork tacos too. The pork tacos were great food, and I think kids will really like it. I had a bite of dad’s mac and cheese, the crust was really crispy, and it tasted a lot like real home-made mac and cheese — not like a box!

My burger was made of both pork and beef! The flavor was incredible, savory and I almost couldn’t stop eating it. The vegetables on the burger was so fresh and good I didn’t remove any of it. The burger compares well to BareBurger. I wasn’t that fond of the mayo or whatever burger sauce it was, but only because there was too much of it. The fries that came with it were crispier than most burger places, but were still a touch soggy.  The giant crystals of salt were a great touch for kids. Dad couldn’t eat them but mom could.

In all it was yummy and tasty.  I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. Better than a hole-in-the-wall, and our family loves hole-in-the-wall food. If you are traveling with kids in Washington DC, I strongly recommend “The Pig” to you.


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Here I am eating a Pork Taco. Snarf, nom nom nom.


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