I wrote to Lenore — and SHE WROTE ME BACK!!

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Lenore from Evil Mad Scientist wrote me!!! Ok, I wrote her first, but she wrote back!!

My english class had me write a letter to a company. I decided to write mine to Evil Mad Scientist, to be specific i wrote to Lenore, but it was close enough. 

I decided to write the Evil Mad Scientist because my 3rd kit ever and Marwa’s first kit was from Evil Mad Scientist. It was the Delux Menorah kit. I liked how this kit out of all the other’s were able to survive the solder remover machine 4 times which means that the pad quality is amazing. Most pads come off if you just bump into them too hard, but EMS was really really solid.

When I was at Maker Faire New York 2016, I met Lenore in person and  I saw her AXI DRAW Machine. Her bright red hair was “in style” for makers right now and she was really relaxed and cool. We had a great conversation and she came to mind right away when the teacher asked us to send a letter to a company. 

LENORE ACTUALLY WROTE ME BACK!! I was soooo exited. She used the writing robot to write me back. The writing robot did every thing right until it got to the and of the page, the writing went off the page so i couldn’t read it, but Lenore did leave a note for me “This i what happens when you let robots write your letter” :p. I thought it was funny.

Her letter encouraged me to keep making and building. She thanked me for reviewing her Menorah kit. She remembered meeting me which was really cool.  EMS does not give out reviewer kits, but she sent me a really nice EMS kit. The kit she sent was an EMS “Flickery Flame” soldering practice kit.  I knew right away it was going to be perfect for the next time I had a friend come over to learn how to solder. More on that in my blog article about my friend Jonah!

Lenore : if you ever read this I hope one day I can be reviewing Evil Mad Scientist products for you more regularly.  I’ll keep reviewing kits I buy and get. Your kits are more solidly constructed than any others.  The quality of the EMS kits is the very best available. Please say hi to your cat Zener — that is such a cool name for a cat, “Zener Diode.”  



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