Amir Makes a Ramadan Candle! (Velleman Flickering Candle MK167)

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Velleman StoreVelleman Flickering Candle MK167 $6.20

This is a slide show please click on the photo below to begin.

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Welcome Amir to the website!! He has been a friend of mine for a long time. I can’t really remember how we became friends, but my dad says that we met through the glass window of an apartment building. His mom works at Ostrovitsky’s Bakery with my dad.  There’s a picture of her on that page too. We fixed a laptop once for her and when we dropped it off that’s when they say Amir and I met.  We spend time together mostly only on holidays and once in a long time on weekends. He comes over for summer barbecues too. We keep trying to travel together but our schedule just hasn’t worked out.

This was a good first kit for amir, why? a maker badge would be too simple for him and a sound to light meter would be too complicated for anybody for their first kit. so I gave him the Vellman cancel kit. He’s always been really smart and really good at computers and legos and video games and tech so I figured he’d be really good at soldering and electronics.  

He was really good right from the start. Most of my friends laugh and make fun of it when I tell them to practice putting down the soldering iron into the holder over and over.  The idea is that you want your hand to memorize the movement so you always do it right. It’s for safety.  He understood it and practiced over and over. He made fun of it, but he did it and he did really well too.

One of the most fun things that can happen when showing someone something happened here.  I have not done any real SMD soldering yet, and Amir was able to do a SMD chip solder even tho I couldn’t really show him how. A first-timer showed me something!  That was sorta cool.

Amir did the entire kit in one sitting with one problem. His battery connector solder wasn’t connecting correctly and was wobbly. One re-soldering later and the kit was working perfectly. He got the “awkward thumbie” move down well too.

This kit was a success so next time crawling micro bug!!!


The usual — I did ONE solder for him, then let him do the rest… this is his very first soldered contact.


Amir solders an SMD chip! (I WANNA DO THAT)




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