Maker Faire Street Team 2017 Part 09 — Tinkersphere

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If you need wires, resistors, boards, tools, motors, LEDs, parts, controllers, tech toys, or cute novelty items, Tinkersphere is the one-stop maker headquarters of NYC. They sell Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Soldering Kits, and just about every connector and accessory a maker could ever need.

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I was directed to place the Maker Faire flier in the window and a sticker on the door.

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As soon as you walk in you know you’re in the right place when you hear 8-bit music is their main “soundtrack.” This is the second year that Tinkersphere has given “Street Team” materials the royal treatment, right in the window. Their counter-person is responsible for getting me started on Raspberry Pi AND on Velleman kits AND on LED lighting. For me Tinkersphere is where my “Maker’s Journey” started as well as a constant stop along the way.

If you’re coming to Maker Faire and you forgot something vital at home, make sure to go now! They are not open on sunday, but they will be open friday and saturday before the Faire! Did you break a connector, burn out a motor or run out of patch wire at a bad time? Tinkersphere is always right there when you need them.

If you are a parent of a maker, or of a possible maker, take them in to Tinkersphere and just watch what they start to go toward. For a Maker Fair Street Team rep like me, Tinkersphere is the ultimate score!

304 East 5th Street
New York, NY 10003

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