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A Soldering Iron Guide for Kids

FULL DISCLOSURE : The “Digitally Controlled Soldering Iron (VTSSC40NU)” below was received as a gift from The Velleman Store. No special consideration from this article was given to this device as a result of this gift. This is a slide...
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Maker Faire 2016

Recently I attended this year’s  2016 Maker Faire here in New York City, and it was really cool. It was also really big. I expected maybe a row of tents with big companies like radio shack, Vellman, Pi, Evil Mad Scientist, and others., and...
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My Review of the Radio Shack DIY Drone Starter Kit

NOT YET ON SALE * The drone in this review was provided free of charge by Radio Shack on a first-come-first serve basis to all attendees of the 2016 World Maker Faire in New York City. No extra consideration was given to reviewer for the purpose of...
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