Maker Faire Street Team 2017 Part 03 — Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park

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Ever Friday, every summer, if I’m in Brooklyn, I’m at Coney Island. My family goes for the fireworks, the food, and of course, the rides!

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Deno’s Wonder Wheel park is home to the kiddie rides I grew up riding. There’s the Spook-A-Rama one of over a hundred built all over the world now with only a few left. You’ll find the “Thunder Bolt” a spin-around ride (not to be confused with the “Thunderbolt” at Luna Park’s “Scream Zone” next door), the bumper cars, and of course… the WONDER WHEEL.

The Wonder Wheel is one of the great visible symbols of Coney Island, of Brooklyn and of all of New York City. This is the second year that Deno’s has let us put up materials!

Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park
1025 Riegelmann Boardwalk
Brooklyn, NY 11224


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