Maker Faire Street Team 2017 Part 10 — Li-Lac Chocolates of Bleecker Street

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One of the best parts of learning to be a Manhattan kid has been being near a Li-Lac store. NYC has a lot of good chocolate places. Some try to look like bars, or restaurants, some try to look like boutiques, or hotels, this one looks like a chocolate shop. Most of the NYC people I know consider Li-Lac to be the one you compare all of the others to.

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Need a sweet, a snack, or a chocolatey gift? Li-Lac has the Maker community covered. Like many other shops, this is my second visit as a Street Team rep to Li-Lac too. I prefer “Dark” chocolate flavors, my mom is into milk chocolate, and my dad eats white chocolate, mostly. This place has something for all of us. They have a section of chocolate sculptures for every occasion and interest. There’s a wall of standards and favorites.

The real show is always at the fresh chocolate counter. Orange and lemon peel covered in chocolate, or whole candied orange slices half-dipped in dark chocolates are always my very first choice. Their “butter toffee” is also really amazing, it’s got a crisp caramel flavor that is both deep and rich. When you are done at the counter – take your time – turn around and look at the specials table too. Sometimes their on-sale items are a great bargain.

If you’re looking for a good small gift on a budget, their “truffle assortment” is one of my favorite little gifts to give or get. Got a budget for more? They have boxes and baskets for every need.

Li-Lac Chocolates of Bleecker Street
162 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
212 924-2280

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