Evil Mad Scientist Deluxe LED Menorah Kit

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Evil Mad Scientist’s menorah kit is a great kit for kids.  We had no trouble following directions. This kit made it really easy for me to teach my friend Marwa how to solder. It was also a very simple circuit, the resistors were all the same kind and there was only one capacitor.

It’s still important to know how to do all of what this kit does in other ways.  I’m glad I learned on velleman kits too, because you can “see” more of how it works.

It wasn’t as complicated as the velleman kits, and the flow of the circuit is all hidden inside the “chip” that is a lot like a little raspberry pi “make it blink” program. It’s not clear what the extra holes on the board on the opposite side from the resistors are for. Their website also doesn’t say.

I give this kit a really high score for being kid-friendly, easy to use and a LOT of fun. Maybe I will do more of these, or other Menorah kits from Evil Mad Scientist as gifts.


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