Maker Faire Street Team 2017 Part 06 — M & D Kitchen

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Around the corner and down the block from DiFara’s Pizza is the new home of great chow in Midwood. Harry DiMarco, another one of Dominic DiMarco’s talented kids, makes burgers, wings, tex-mdx and Italian fare with care and flair for Makers from the Faire.

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Taped into the front window

Taped into the front window
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This part of Midwood, known as Manhattan Terrace was without a good place for "chow" ever since the Pizza place down the block got famous.

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Chowhounds everywhere must stop by the latest offering from Brooklyn’s royal family of Pizza, M&D’s kitchen. I grew up nearby hearing endless stories about how the “food” at DiMarco’s Pizza used to be the very best of its kind, but Dominick had to stop making it because his pizza became too popular and he had to switch to an all-pizza restaurant.

Harry DiMarco and his partner Amp have stepped in and now offer their own interpretations of the corner classics, and a lot more too. My mom orders 20-30 wings at a time, my dad orders their sandwiches and platters and burgers… me? I go for the fried stuffed Jalapeño and the Pepperoni Rolls, and we always split a “Dominic’s Salad” Once in a while Harry makes a special lasagna. If you see it… order it.

There are so many things about M&D’s that make it the perfect addition to our neighborhood. It looks like it belongs here, my neighbors are always there, the regulars are always friendly and interesting, and the food keeps me coming back. If you’re a tired Maker in Brooklyn and you want basic “Engineering Night Chow” order from Harry and Amp – They deliver!

This isn’t a formal “review” but one day I’ll sit down with Harry and Amp and see what we can do to really dig into this menu!

M&D’s Kitchen
1012 East 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(718) 372-5159

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