Maker Faire Street Team 2017 Part 07 — Bareburger FiDi

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Right near Chinatown, the Financial District, City Hall, and the new World Trade Center complex is Bareburger Fidi. FiDi stands for Financial district. Bareburger stands for my favorite burgers. I’ve reviewed another location before and still carry my “burger recipe” with me.

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Bareburger is another one of my “second home” favorite places. Makers are likely to be nearby when seeing the major attractions and places in Downtown Manhattan, and this is just the place to get a burger, a veggie burger, a plate of Brussels Sprouts (crispy, yum), a chili chocolate milkshake, or that all important cold drink. A lot of places call themselves farm-to-table, but this is the real thing.

Last year Bareburger of LaGuardia place let me sticker and poster up, and leave some place cards, and this year my friend and master-chef Diana Manalang invited me to stop into the Financial District since the one at NYU/Laguardia Place is being renovated.

Burgers. Beef, lamb, pork… veggie… and every kind of bun, and topping and fry and side you can imagine, then a bunch you and I forgot but they didn’t! Makers downtown : go eat at Bareburger. Hungry elsewhere? They have a dozen locations and every one of them is worth trying.

Bareburger Fidi
155 William Street
New York, NY 10038
(646) 657-0388

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