Maker Faire Street Team 2017 Part 11 — Village Music World

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I’ve over-used the word cool, but this cool little record store sells the cool music stuff that other cool places play & display to look cooler. Vinyl records, cassette tapes, CD’s and music-y stuff are here, packed into bins in every possible square inch of this traditional Greenwich Village record store. The entire store is no-frills, the owner re-defines iconic Greenwich Village style.

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I’m not really that into music of the popular variety, I sorta like video game music, memes & parodies, fun 8 but sounds, and noise as music stuff. This place makes me wonder if I’m missing something. It’s not “arranged” so much as “sorted into bins” – there is no sense of intentional decoration or placement of anything else at all.

If other stores in the village are like little museums, this is like the little basement under the little museum of music. Dive in and find … everything. Every genre, every sound all the “retro cool” music there is to see, they have it. The owner was super nice, and just told us to put our materials out front. He was rushed to do some kind of inventory thing, but seemed genuinely interested in what Maker Faire is.

Village Music World
Village Music World on Foursquare
197 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012

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