Maker Faire Street Team 2017 Part 08 — VIDEOGAMESNEWYORK

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All your base are belong here. If you are a retro-gamer, interested in retro-games, an arcade cabinet builder, a collector or looking for a gift for anyone interested in video game history stop in and see VIDEOGAMESNEWYORK. This place is part retro-game shop, part video game history museum.

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Are you looking for a specific video game or video game system? They have it. Want to know about a specific cartridge? Ask them. Some aren’t on display, which is hard to believe because they have SO many on display. I asked about Takeshi’s Challenge — they don’t have one. They have Nintendo World Championships, but it’s not on display.

This was not my first visit to VIDEOGAMESNEWYORK, I try to drop by whenever I can. I can’t pay attention to any one thing too long because this place has stuff everywhere in a pattern that my brain just loves to follow around. Packed from floor to roof with video game stuff, I can get lost in here for hours as easily as at the art museums. The place is about 20 feet square but it seems a lot bigger.

They have a selection of buttons, knobs, joysticks, trackballs, and other controllers for every system, and for the maker community they have free-standing console parts for USB or to wire into a RetroPie directly! Go ahead and try to quiz the counter-people about video game history.

They can fix old video game systems, but if you’re a maker just as good — they can give advice on how to fix one you already have — and even better they have “B” and “C” condition consoles you can repair for yourself. Get one fixed, fix your own, or get one to fix — it’s like an extra life, a powerup, and bonus points in one jump.

If you have a maker coming to town and you want to show them around, take them here – you’ll earn maker cred, gamer cred, and NYC street cred in just one stop.

202 East 6th Street
New York, NY 10003

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