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    1. It is going well, and it is very fun, I am ahead of the documentation, done by me, anything past “They Blink” was put in for me to remember stuff, so I am currently on MMS, sending texts with images.

  1. It was very fun trying to make my own “Rasberry Pi”. Confusing at first then started to get the hang of it. Even though I did’nt get to finish making
    have to install a few things and then i will be able to bring it to my house.

  2. Hi Elijah,

    Folks back here at Explo Headquarters are very impressed with your good work on The Explo 6! We’ll keep checking in on your progress throughout the year. Keep going…

    1. thank you for the motivation i am back from explo thank you for the fun time at explo. I would like to do a review of the explo programs that i have done. I look forward to coming back next year for a focus and another 360 session.

  3. Why use a batery? Use some capacitors and an ac adaptor instead of a charger? Its not a psp. It needs a full sized HDMI head so… only full monitors? which assumes that everywhere you go there will be an outlet receptacle of some kind.

  4. I got to use this retro game system and found it to be outstanding. It has so many games that I know I will never be bored. My favorite game is Legends of Zelda: A Link into the past. The system includes Sega games and Nintendo games. The best part is that it can stay on for 6 hours, but charges for only 4 hours. I am surprised for how long it can stay on. I give it 1,000,000,000,000,000 blue ribbons. GREAT JOB ELIJAH!!! I cannot wait to see your next projects!

    1. Thank you for the complements Daniel T. and Nicolas T. How is the box holing up since i gave it to you have you found any corrupted games or any new favorits, are you intresited in a possible upgrade maybe i could get it to play marathon or quake, online so we can play with online together.

    1. thank you i hope your project with your son goes well, its been a couple weeks hows the project going you can post as a reply or maybe i can do an article about your build.

  5. Elijah – thank you so much for the review. We are so honored to be named as your favorite restaurant. We look forward to seeing you again soon. If there is ever anything you need, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

  6. Hi Elijah, thank you so much for the review. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I named the restaurant after my father Hank because he loved to cook and eat seafood and shared that with me as a young adult. It’s nice to see your parents are taking you out to dinner and experiencing good food. Take care, Jamie Leeds owner Hank’s Oyster bar.

    1. Thank you even when i was young i would not eat off the kids menu. Thank you for reading my review and i really think Hanks is an impressive place with great food and let me know if you open a place in New York

  7. Elijah, It was great meeting you and your dad Jeremy at the Maker Faire in NYC. I know it was a really busy day for you and I appreciate you taking the time to stop and see us at the Velleman booth. I’ve enjoyed reading your build reports and reviews of not just Velleman kits, but all the cool stuff you are working on. We don’t often get to meet the people who are building our kits and using our products in person, so your visit was a special treat for team Velleman. Thanks again and Keep Making!
    Bruce Rauss
    Velleman, Inc.

    1. Bruce, thank you SO much for your gift — a VTSSC40NU Digital Soldering Iron — This is the best soldering tool I’ve ever used. I knew at Maker Faire it was time to upgrade, thank you thank you thank you! My mother is getting my dad one to match for his birthday — and she’ll get us some new tips for SMD soldering too. We’re going to need it, it’s time to start on our 5x5x5 LED cubes — I think you’re right, the blue ones look the coolest. My unboxing article is almost done, and I’ve already finished an “Enclosed Crawling Microbot” and I’m working on an “Enclosed Vu Meter” with the new iron. I’m also doing a retrospective of different irons, as a holiday soldering iron guide for kids. One question : how can I switch my iron from celsius to fahrenheit temperature? — Elijah

  8. Elijah,
    After meeting you at the Maker Faire in NY and having the opportunity to chat with you at some length, I knew your soldering skills were ready for the next level. I’m glad that you are enjoying the VTSSC40NU and that it is measuring up to your standards. Keep up the good work and Keep Making!

  9. Hi Elijah,

    Anthony is putting together a bunch of great technical information to address the points you brought up specifically about the K8200 and the K8400. I thought I might talk a little bit about 3D printing in general. First of all 3D printing is a part of what is called additive manufacturing. It differs from other more traditional forms of manufacturing like milling, machining or lathe work. In those types of manufacturing you start the process with a blank (or chunk) of material and remove or cut it away until you get the desired result. With 3D printing, you start with a 3 dimensional design stored as an .STL file (stereolithogram), a 3D printer and the raw material. In the case of the K8200 and K8400 we use plastic filament, either PLA or ABS. The 3D printer “reads” the .STL file and replicates that design in plastic one layer at a time.

    All 3D printers do pretty much the same thing and work on the same basic concept(s). If you are thinking about buying one there are probably 5 initial things you should consider.
    1. FILAMENT SIZE: when we brought out the K8200 3MM filament was pretty much what everyone was using. While the K8200 ships with a 3MM extruder, there is an optional 1.75MM extruder available. The K8400 is our 2nd generation printer and uses 1.75MM filament.
    2. NUMBER OF EXTRUDERS: The K8200 is a single extruder printer. That means you can only print one color or type of plastic at a time. The K8400 is a dual extruder printer. It ships with 1 extruder and the 2nd one is an option.
    3. PRINT SPEED: pretty self explanatory, how fast does the printer print. In other words, how MM/sec.
    4.BUILD VOLUME: this is the actual physical area the printer can print in. In other words, “how big a thing can I print”. For example the K8200 build volume is 8″x8″x8″.
    5.PRINT RESOLUTION: this is the actual thickness of each layer the printer prints. Remember, this is additive manufacturing and it “builds” your part by adding one layer on top of another until the design is completed.

    I hope this, in addition to the information that Anthony, is going to add helps explain a little bit about 3D printing. It’s a fascinating process that can faithfully reproduce a designers 3D design. Also remember, Velleman 3D printers are KITS! After all, we want you to have fun building it before you have fun using it!

    Have fun and keep making.

    Bruce Rauss
    Velleman, Inc.

    1. Thank you for the information. We cannot make up are minds on what model of 3-D printer we are going to get but we are thinking of getting model k8200 We need its heated bed because the temperature in my house is constantly changing. This temperature shift is due to my rather “old timey” house. This may cause my prints to warp. We are definitely going to decide in the next few days. My maker space should open up over the holidays but the printer is a birthday thing. That’s in January. I also like the K8200 because it looks like it would be easier to build larger more useful things and I really want to build other printers, engravers and cutters. I enjoyed the star and my dad enjoyed the LED ornaments, but he also BROKE MY STAR!!! He will order one overnight today. I’ll write the full review of the star and the ornaments over the week. I may just get to finish the Vu Meter and the VR Goggles tonight!!

  10. how did you makes yours fly my daughter got the same one the charger cable has this red light that goes on then it goes off and this drone does not even want to take off I got a new charger cable for it

    1. My dad made one at Maker Faire too and his NEVER flew. He tried replacing the motor, he tried replacing the wiring, but only one side would ever lift off. I am not really sure how to use a multimeter yet but I do know it’s the right tool for finding out what is wrong with wiring, and with resistors and other components. He’s going to get another kit and try again over vacation. A brittle solder or a single stripped-off solder pad can make it hard to fix if you can fix it at all. I have also had some success using jumper wire and using the wiring diagram in the instructions on some kits.

      I am sorry that your daughters drone did not work. A lot of my project’s don’t work the first time, the majority of them i have to do 2-3 times over. You have to remember failing is not the end, it isn’t a stoping point it is a place where you can learn from your mistakes and keep going. In engineering it should be just the beginning. My suggestion to you is that you get another kit, and try again. Take tons of pictures and I can even put them up here on the blog as a guest! I’m redoing a project right now, the Velleman sound-star. I made one, and was just about to blog it when my DAD BROKE IT!! My point is you should really try again when it doesn’t work the first time.

      1. I just put together one with my kid. One side did not lift up. Turns out I had mixed up a pair of rotors, make sure your A rotors are in an A socket and your B rotors are in a B socket

  11. Thanks for your fair and impartial review although it’s only 3.5/5. 🙁
    But we will try our best to make our products in our website better, clearer and offers better service.
    Welcome to give some suggestion to and we will offer better products, price and service.

    1. Hey ICstation! Look around the site, you’ll find that my very favorite things are all 3.5 — only one or two things ever go above that. It’s my scale, I live in NYC and it’s an exciting world in real life around here, everything is compared well and 3.5 is a top grade! Sometimes I give ratings on other people’s websites that are 5 out of 5 for things that list 3.5 out of 5 here. What’s a 5? My birthday. My very favorite hamburger in the whole world, that I love more than any other place to eat is a 4.5!!!

      I love my ICstation kits so far. Learning to read the diagrams and symbols and use my multi-meter is a whole new world opening up. It’s a great opportunity to review kits for you. Vu meter and sound kits are my favorite kind of kit, too.

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  24. i have a good VMK172 sound star kit.
    but the problem is velleman company have a own problem with design on the kit.
    2 green LED lights on while all 8 green LED lights fade gone away.
    3 in youtube video.
    1 is here website.

  25. What kind of solder do you use again? Looked like it was 60Sn/40Pb. Do you know what Elements those are? Which one causes Dain Brammage? Wash your hands after handling solder! Where do I get the funky LED Menora??

    1. I always use lead-free and non-toxic solder. I use a few different widths of them. This menorah is sold at the Evil Mad Scientist Website : they have a few others. Evil Mad Scientist is a company owned by one of my friends Lenore Edman, I first met her at 2016 Maker Faire and she was there again this year with a 6502 processor that she hand built with a big circuit board and transistors.

  26. a couple questions…
    MMS PROXY… what is it ? how do you obtain the IP address and port number for it ???
    also, “PIC”, is that the file name of the image file ???

    1. I found my MMS Proxy on a list of MMS details on google, but I can’t find the page now. PIC is the kind of file you are sending, it can also be set to TXT and other things, please see the PDF that I referenced at the bottom of the article.

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  28. Hello.
    I am running the SIM808 with Arduino Mega.
    Using AT+ECHARGE=1 to enable and AT&W to store charging a LiPo for backup.
    Doing AT+CBC always returns 0 for the first number, which means the LiPo is NOT charging.
    Checking AT+ECHARGE? returns 1.
    Shouldn´t AT+CBC return 1 in the beginning as well?
    Thanks for any help.
    Kind Regards,

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